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Ray Tracer


This ray tracer was coded in C/C++.  It reads input from a .txt file, parses said file, and then outputs a ray traced .ppm image.


  • Ambient lighting

  • Anti-Aliasing

  • Diffuse lighting

  • Finite planes

  • Shadows

  • Specular Glints

  • Specular Reflection

  • Spotlights

  • Tiled infinite plane

  • Transparency

OpenGL Renderer

C/C++ | OpenGL | GLUT

This render was coded in C/C++, OpenGL, and GLUT.  It reads in input from any .obj file, parses said file, and then opens it up in an OpenGL window.


  • Basic three point lighting with RGB lamps

  • Camera movement and rotation

  • Displays current camera position

  • Flat shading

  • Object movement and rotation.

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