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I was responsible for the explosion, fracturing, smoke trails, lighting, and rendering.

I imported the geometry from an alembic cache. I then selected which parts of the geometry would be affected by the explosion and isolated them. After that I painted on the geometry for where I would like the geometry to fracture the most.  After this was done I scattered points based on the density of the painted geometry. I then did a voronoi fractured based around the scattered points. I then glued the fractures together so that they could be driven by the velocity of the pyro simulation.

In order to do the pyro simulation I imported the simulation file from my generic explosion asset. I then used the velocity data in the simulation to drive and fracture the building breaking apart. The smoke trails were done by doing a cluster pyro simulation on the fractured geometry and spawning points based off of their velocities. Due to the pyro simulation being the same as the generic explosion it has the same artistic custom-ability as the generic explosion.

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