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      I was responsible for rigid body and particulate simulations, surfacing various environment pieces, lighting, compositing half of the shots, modeling various environment objects, pipeline, layout, and small animation.


      To do the rigid body simulations, I took the trash cube, reduced the polycount of it to around 25k. I then RBD Packed the cube and spawned it from randomly seeded points on a grid. I then ran a basic RBD simulation using the Packed Geo and an RBD solver. To create the bits and pieces, I took the reduced cube and cut out corners, RBD packed the geo, randomly spawned the packed geo, and then ran an RBD simulation using the original cube simulation as collision geometry.


      To do the particulate simulations, I created a volume that filled the camera frustum to the wall. I then multiplied the density of this uniform volume with coarse Perlin noise and fine curl noise. I then used that volume to spawn particles for the simulation. I then took those particles and moved them around by adding random drag, torque, and acceleration using POPs and Attribute Wrangles. After that, I instanced thin grid geometry that was randomly twisted.

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